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Want to get online in 45 minutes?

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Are you an aspiring virtual assistant? You may have a few clients already but you need more … and you need to get online, super quick! You have done some research and the overwhelming amount of tech involved in setting up a website scares the crap out of you.

You’re not sure where to start and you need help figuring it all out.

Sound familiar?

You’ve tried building a site before but you spent more time pulling your hair out than not, so you gave up

The learning curve is steeper than you thought and you’re done with googling ‘how to’s’

You’re not sure which theme to go for, what they are and what functionality you need

You know WordPress is the best platform to use but the dashboard alone puts you off

You need images, don’t know where to find them and you’re not sure what size you should download

You know you’ll need a blog of some sort, you have ideas but you’re unsure how to set one up

Before finding Nicola and her online DIY Websites course, I had been struggling with the arduous task of teaching myself to build a WordPress Website by watching YouTube video tutorials and with a lot of trial and error. I was becoming increasingly frustrated trying to build my website this way, so when I signed up for the course, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

I was really pleased to find that the course consisted of clear and concise video modules that explain everything in great detail right from the start to finish, from how to set up a host for your website right through to launching it and maintaining it.

If I had any questions or wanted advice on how to achieve a certain style I was looking for, I found the ongoing support from Nicola within the group a huge benefit. At no point throughout the course did I feel that I had nowhere to turn if I came across any issues, my questions would be answered literally within minutes, saving me a great deal of time. So much so, that my website was finished within just 2 weeks, and officially live online! I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and my website has been receiving some great feedback already.

I highly recommend Nicola and the DIY Websites course. With her support and expertise I saved myself a huge amount of money, time and most of all the whole experience was stress free and a lot fun! If you are anxious at all about building a website by yourself, then this is the course for you.

Carla – Solent VA Services

DIY Website Courses

You’re not afraid of tech
You like to do things yourself

One to One WordPress Training

You need a website
You prefer one to one training

Done for you website

You don’t have the time to DIY
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